Flying Above Heaven

New Zealand is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s just a pity that it’s located in one corner of the world, tucked away from the rest of us.

Everywhere you look, there is just so much natural beauty on the islands. Unfortunately, we only visited the South Island, which we were told is far more beautiful than the North Island.

I ended up taking more pictures than I could imagine – 12,000 with 3 cameras! But the ones that I loved the most were my aerial pictures. It was the first time that I was traveling with my drone. Of course, I was terrified of flying it too far away. But eventually I got more confident, and managed to capture aerial photos that made me proud of myself.

Aerial Photographs

The Blue Pools of Haast, New Zealand

Glacial waters flowing down a mountain

The bridge at the Blue Pools
Looking down at the Blue Pools

Hovering above the Blue Pools
The Blue Pools of Haast aerial shot
Aerial Photographs

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Probably the world’s most beautiful┬álake

Aerial view of Lake Pukaki
aerial view of pukaki canal
The Visitor Centre with Pukaki Canal in the background

Rocky shores
How the sun makes the water change colours
Aerial Photographs

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Finally gained confidence to fly my drone. Lucky for me, Kaikoura is the most beautiful town on the South Island.

The main beach
Aerial photography

Kaikoura Peninsula
Aerial Photographs

Akaroa, New Zealand

A quaint town of 700 people

The French Bay, Akaroa
Overlooking Jubilee Park, Akaroa
An aerial view of Akaroa
Aerial Photographs

And Then Some More

Aerial shot of Lake Forsyth
The sunset from another angle

Franz Joseph at sunset
Aerial shot of Lake Ianthe, New Zealand

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