South Korea

War & Peace

Drone & DSLR’s Travel Guide To South Korea

Explore South Korea through my travel photos of Seoul, and the DMZ. Find out what’s to do, places to visit, things to see, and much more.

South Korea Travel Blog Posts

Read about our experience in Seoul – discover the bet areas to shop, eat street food, and explore a traditional Korean village within the city. Learn about our DMZ tour and how you can get to visit the world’s most volatile boundary.

South Korea Travel Photography

Explore the beauty of Seoul through these travel photos. See the contrasts of ancient palaces against modern skyscrapers. The beauty of the cherry blossom laden Yeouido Island. The buzzing nightlife of Hongdae Street and Hongik University, and the delicious street food at Myeong-dong.

Next take a trip to the world’s most dangerous international border. Explore the Korean DMZ through my lens.

All photos of Seoul and the Korean DMZ are available for sale.

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