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The Indigenous Village

Wulai, Taiwan

Wulai, a district south of Taipei is known for its beautiful scenery, and hot springs, including pools by the Nanshi River.

Historically known for its indigenous Atayal people, Wulai is now a beautiful getaway from Taipei for those seeking to be amidst nature.

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Aerial view of the Wulaiguangguang Bridge, Wulai
Aerial view of the Old Wulai Town
Aerial view of Wulai and its suspension bridge
Wulai river gorge mountains
Incredible aerial view of the Pubu Road, Nanshi River and the gorge at Wulai
Lanseng Bridge, Wulai
The Lanseng Bridge, Wulai

Wulai From The Sky

Wulai gorge
Picturesque view of the gorge at Wulai with the Pubu Road, and the Nanshi River
Nanshi River, Wulai
The bridges above the Nanshi River, Wulai
Looking at Wulai from over the suspension bridge
The bright colours of suspension bridge and the river at Wulai
Dusk setting in on Wulai

Aerial view of Wulai and its suspension bridge
Hello Wulai

Experience the beauty of Wulai’s gorges, waterfall, and natural beauty from a different perspective.

wulai waterfall
The Wulai Waterfall
烏來福德宮 land god temple wulai
The Land God Temple, Wulai
Wulai Old Street aerial view
Right above the Wulai Old Street
Aerial view of Wulai
wulai waterfall
Wulai Waterfall and the Nanshi River, Wulai
The beautiful Nanshi River, Wulai

The Nanshi River on one side, and the tracks of the Wulai Scenic Train on the other
An aerial view of the Wulai Waterfall

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