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Hire Drone & DSLR by the hour to capture your exciting adventures, that perfect drone selfie (#dronie), or anything else from the sky!

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King Yan Suen
Thank you once again for helping us. This website is user friendly that I can find different places photos easily.

King Yan Suen
Production Assistant
  • Hire A Drone Photographer
  • HK$800/day
  • Minimum charge
  • Price is only for photos
  • No limit on number of photos
  • All photos will be delivered in the highest quality .jpg files
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  • Hire A Drone Videographer
  • HK$1200/day
  • Minimum charge
  • Price is only for videos
  • No limit on number of videos/clips
  • Extra charges for editing
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  • Bookings subject to availability.
  • Bookings are non-refundable.
  • No wedding shoots.
  • Services only available in Hong Kong.

Devesh Sahai

Devesh Sahai

Drone & DSLR
Hi, I'm Devesh and I run Drone & DSLR. I've been a photographer for over 7 years now, and a drone pilot for 3 years. Although photography is not my profession, it is more than a passion. I enjoy capturing the beauty that I witness while traveling the world, and use photos and videos as a medium. I hope that I can help you capture your unique, and beautiful moment from the ground or above.